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Sports Betting, Casino, Poker, Games

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member? How do I register?

Click on the Register button and fill in the registration form with your personal details. Once submitted, you should now have an account with Worldstar Betting Uganda. You will receive an email confirming your new registration.

How do I add funds to my account?

We currently have five methods for you to add funds to your account.

    MTN Mobile Money.
    Airtel Money
    UTL Mobile Money
    Orange Mobile Money
    Cash payment in one of our shops.

To learn more about these payment methods, please go to our Payments page by clicking here. We will be adding more payment methods soon.

I don’t have Paybill. How can I deposit with MTN Mobile Money?

As an alternative to MTN Paybill, please send your MTN Mobile Money to our number 0787365915. Make sure you include your username as reason.

Can I pay directly to an Airtel number?

Yes. Our helpline Airtel number 0753365915 accepts payments. Make sure you include your username as reason.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

In order to make a withdrawal, you must fill in the withdrawals form by clicking here (you must be logged in to your account). Simply fill in the amount you wish to withdraw and select MTN, Airtel or cash (if cash, you must select the shop you want to be paid from). On submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email. Our accounts department will deduct the amount from your online balance and send you the money.

How do I bet?

Once you have an account, you need to deposit money into your account. This can be done in three ways at the moment, with more payment options coming soon. The first way is to send your funds via MTN Mobile Money Paybill to WSB, including your username as a reference. The second method is to send your funds via Airtel Money to 650650, including your username as a reference. The third method is by depositing cash in any of our shops. Please refer to the payments page on our website here for all the details. You need to make sure you have enough funds in your account to make the bet. Minimum bet is 1,000 UGX. Once the funds appear on your account, you can start to bet. Go to the sport and matches you want to bet on and simply click on each selection you want to add to your bet, and it automatically fills up your bet slip with your selections. Once you complete your bet slip, you enter your stake and submit the bet.

For a more detailed explanation on how to bet, please refer to our "How To Bet" page by clicking here.

What happens when my bet wins?

When your bet wins, the winnings will automatically be added to your online account. If there’s a slight delay in this process, it’s because a specific result is awaiting confirmation from the match’s governing body.

How can I get your shop fixture list?

Please email us on [email protected] in order to be added to our fixture mailing list. Once you send us an email to this address stating you require the fixture list, you will receive it daily in an email. If you want us to stop sending you the fixture list, email us again on [email protected] letting us know you no longer require this service. We will remove your email address from our mailing list.

What is the maximum number of selections/teams I can include in my bet slip?

There is no limit to the number of selections in your bet slip. You can keep adding teams and selections until you are happy with your bet.

What is the minimum number of selections/teams I can include in my bet slip?

The minimum number of selections/teams in your bet slip is 1.

What happens if a match I’m betting on is postponed or cancelled?

When a match is cancelled or postponed, our system waits 24 hours from the scheduled time of kickoff. If the match is replayed within those 24 hours, the bet will be calculated according to the replayed result. If 24 hours pass and the match isn’t replayed, then single bets with only this match in them will be refunded. Multiple bets will be calculated without the cancelled/postponed match. They will be calculated as if the match didn’t exist. If a match is decalred cancelled/posponed and the governing body confirms that the match will not be replayed within 24 hours, it willbe voided immediately.

When I try to register, your system doesn’t accept my chosen password. What do I do?

You must make sure your password is at least 6 characters long and includes both letters and numbers.

How do I change my password?

After logging in, go to My Account and click on Overview. Look for the “Profile” link on the left on the Overview page and click on it. This takes you to your profile details. You can change most of your details here. At the bottom of that page, you can change your password.

If you can’t access this area or you can’t get it to work, please contact our helpdesk on any of the numbers listed on our website. A helpdesk operator will help you change your password.

How do I place a multiple bet?

In order to place a multiple bet, you must add all your teams to the betslip first. To do so, simply navigate to the match you want to bet on and click on the selection you require to add it to your betslip. Once done, navigate to the other matches you want to bet on and click on the selections you want to add to your betslip. Each selection you click on will be added to the previous selections you chose. You can see your betslip getting populated by more and more matches as you select them. Once you are happy with your bet, enter your stake in the multibet stake box and submit.

How does Handicap betting work?

Handicap means you give the team you select a head start (or disadvantage) by the number of goals you select in handicap. Positive handicap means you give them an advantage. Handicap +2 means you give the team you select a 2 goal advantage, so you add 2 goals to their number of goals. A negative handicap means you subtract the number of goals from their goals. Examples. You bet Handicap (+2) on West Ham to beat Arsenal. West Ham lose 1-2, but the handicap +2 result means you add 2 goals to the West Ham goals, which makes the handicap (+2) score 3-2 for West Ham. So your bet is a winner. If you bet (-2) handicap on West Ham to beat Arsenal and West Ham win 3-0, you subtract 2 goals from West Hams goals. This makes the handicap (-2) result 1-0 for West Ham. And your bet is a winner.
In 3-way handicaps, you have the option of the draw. So if you bet on West Ham Handicap (-1) Draw, then West Ham must win by exactly 1 goal (result 1-0, 2-1, 3-2 etc..) for your bet to win the handicap draw. In this case, subtracting one goal from West Hams goals will make the handicap result a draw.
In 2-way handicaps, if you see a .5 in the handicap amount (-3.5,-2.5, -1.5, -0.5 or +0.5, +1.5, +2.5, +3.5) you don’t have the option of the draw. If there is no .5 in the 2-way handicap (-3,-2, -1 or +1, +2, +3) and the handicap result is a draw, then the selection is void. In a single bet, you get refunded, in a multiple bet, the selection is voided.

What are system bets?

A system bet divides your bet into a many bets, allowing some of your selections to be losers, but still having a winning bet depending on the type of system you choose. For example, if you have 4 matches in your bet and you select system 3, this will split your bet into 4 separate bets. In effect, one of your selections can lose and you’ll still get a payout on your bet. For example, If you add 4 teams to your betslip (teams A, B, C and D) and have a system 3 bet for 10,000, This will split your bet into 4 bets for 2,500 each. Your 4 bets will be as follows:
A,B,C 2500
A,B,D 2500
A,C,D 2500
B,C,D 2500
If all 4 teams win, then all 4 bets will have a payout. If Team A loses, then any of the bets without Team A in them will be winners. In this example, B,C,D for 2,500 will be a winner, but the other 3 bets will be losers.
The type of systems available for your bet depends on how many teams you add to your bet. If you have 6 teams in your bet, you can have a system 2, system 3, system 4 or system 5. Each system will split your bet into a different number of bets. System 2 for a 6 team bet will split your bet into 15 bets. System 3 for a 6 team bet will split your bet into 20 bets. System 4 for a 6 team bet will split your bet into 15 bets. System 5 for a 6 team bet will split your bet into 6 bets.

Please refer to the table below for all the possible systems available.

Why do I see a stake box next to each team I add to my betslip?

Once you start filling your bet slip with selections, you'll notice that you have several boxes to fill your stake in.
If you add 3 matches to your bet slip, next to each team, you have a stake box that will allow you to put money on only that selection (single). At the bottom of the bet slip, you will notice a box called multibet. This is where you enter the stake to the multiple selection. All your teams will be in this bet. To make sure you are entering the stake in the correct box, always check that the odds next to the stake box correspond to the bet you want to have.

The kickoff times on the website are always 1 hour ahead or behind of what they should be. How can I fix this?
The kickoff times listed on our website are dependent on the timezone of your device. Please make sure your PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone is set to the correct timezone of the region you are is. That will ensure that you are getting the correct kickoff times for all the matches on our website.

How can I contact you to ask a question?

Our helpdesk is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are various methods of contacting us. The quickest way is to phone us on any of our helpdesk numbers listed on our website. These can be found on our Contact page. In addition to this, you can always email us on [email protected]. You can also send us a message on Whatsapp or Viber on 0787365915!